Our Ethos and Values

Our ethos and values describe the manner in which the school operates. They describe the way in which those associated with the school – staff, governors, children, parents and carers, and the local community should behave towards each other.

The foundations of our church represent our values and ethos in terms of giving the school a strong base from which to build and develop.


We believe in being a supportive and caring school with a strong sense of community, equality and diversity.

We :

  • are a caring community
  • are supportive of each other
  • are tolerant


We want to be an inclusive school which is open and approachable.


  • are welcoming and open to all
  • show consistency in our dealings with each other
  • are good clear communicators
  • demonstrate flexibility and adaptability


We believe that all involved with the school should value honesty, compassion and forgiveness.

We :

  • demonstrate compassion
  • are forgiving
  • understand the needs and the differences of others


We believe that there should be mutual trust on the part of everyone associated with the school and in the behaviour of the staff and governors.

We :

  • trust each other
  • treat children as individuals
  • ensure a safe environment


We have high expectations of behaviour, progress and attainment of everyone in the school.

We :

  • have high expectations
  • know our strengths and weaknesses
  • are continually learning
  • are highly motivated
  • celebrate all achievement and show a sense of pride
  • work together towards the same goals
  • always encourage
  • are equal in our treatment of all
  • are respectful of each other
  • accept differences
  • listen and hear
  • are empathetic