Our Strategic Direction and Strategic Plan

Our STRATEGY DIRECTION - Strategic Plan - for achieving our vision and ethos over the next five years provides a robust framework for setting priorities, creating accountability and monitoring progress.

Our Strategic Plan is like the spire of the church which provides the central direction pointing upwards. The structure of our governing body and staff committees provide the basis through which the plan will be acted upon and monitored.


Our committee structure is:

Full governing body – where all work of committees is overseen and where governing body approval for actions is agreed.

Standards and Curriculum – where standards and progress of pupils’ achievements are monitored and where the curriculum policies and developments are reviewed and agreed.

Safeguarding – where all aspects of safeguarding and health and safety are agreed and monitored.

Finance and Staffing – where the budget is agreed and monitored and where staffing needs are discussed and where appointments are made.

Staff team – where day to day actions are agreed and actioned.

Our Strategic Plan

Full governing body

Our plan is to:

  • improve outcomes for children in all aspects of their education
  • become an outstanding school in Ofsted terms
  • develop community and church links
  • develop links with the wider world
  • increase the use of visits and visitors to broaden horizons
  • ensure the school is sustainable into the future
  • develop the governing body
  • promote school through publicity, school website and social media

Standards and Curriculum

Our plan is to:

  • maintain high standards and rapid progress of all children
  • regularly self-evaluate the progress of the plan
  • agree clear curriculum policies that are understood and followed by all


Our plan is to:

  • ensure safeguarding is at the heart of school practice
  • regularly evaluate safeguarding practice
  • agree safeguarding policies and procedures that are understood and followed by all
  • develop the school grounds for the use of pupils and the community

Finance and Staffing

Our plan is to:

  • improve communication between staff, governors, parents and the community
  • invest in continued professional development for all staff
  • seek grants for developments
  • ensure the budget fits the needs of the school and is monitored carefully to ensure the long term sustainability of the school

Staff team

Our plan is to:

  • enable all agreed policies and practices to be carried through consistently
  • ensure our vision and ethos are promoted with vigour and professionalism