Our Vision

“Everyone is encouraged to grow in body, mind and spirit as part of our caring Christian community and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. We promote equality and diversity through our shared Christian values of compassion, forgiveness and trust and inspire a life-long love of learning.”

“Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you in Christ.” Ephesians 4:32

Our vision describes how the school should develop and what the children will have achieved when they leave the school.

Our vision is like the body of the church. It represents what the school is aspiring to achieve and what it is trying to reach towards.


We want all children to realise their full potential and to make excellent progress from their starting point and to develop as determined and adaptable learners.

We want our children to be:

  • realising their full potential
  • independent and lifelong learners
  • aspirational and have high self esteem
  • emotional resilient
  • creative
  • able to persevere
  • determined


We want to maintain our strong sense of community. We want to have positive relationships within school and to be involved fully with the local community and church. We want to understand our place within the local community and to build links with the wider world.

We want our children to be:

  • valuable members of the local community
  • aware of the wider world
  • empathetic
  • responsible members of society
  • good communicators
  • able to work as part of a team
  • ready to move with their lives


We want to inspire all children to achieve their best.

We want our children to be:

  • inspired to achieve their full potential
  • ambitious with broad horizons
  • resourceful
  • confident
  • empowered
  • enthusiastic
  • adaptable and flexible


We want everyone in school to feel valued as individuals and to be mutually respectful. We want everyone to behave appropriately with compassion, trust and forgiveness towards others.

We want our children to be:

  • respectful of each other and of themselves
  • compassionate
  • trusting
  • forgiving
  • kind
  • able to develop a good moral framework with Christian values


We want to be an inclusive school where all children from all backgrounds, faiths and abilities are treated as individuals and have equal opportunity to develop as independent, lifelong learners in a safe and caring environment.

We want our children to be:

  • tolerant of differences
  • safe and know how to keep themselves safe
  • able to celebrate the achievements of themselves and of others
  • mentally and physically healthy