Vision, Ethos and Strategic Direction

Our school emblem is our church. Our vision, ethos and strategic direction can be represented by our church emblem.

Blackford Primary School

The foundations of our church give it a strong base upon which to build and develop. The foundations represent our ethos and values – the way the whole school community of staff, children, parents and carers, and the community behave towards each other which provides the secure structure upon which the school can grow.
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The body of the church represents our vision for the school and the development of the children. The congregation and choir represent our vision for the children where the central messages and aspirations are declared. Our vision describes how the school should develop and what the children will have achieved when they leave the school.
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The spire of the church provides the core direction. It represents our strategic direction and plan for where we want to be over the next five years. The structure of our governing body and staff committees are the means through which the plan will be acted upon and monitored to achieve our vision.
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